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Groton MA Outlander Child Portraits

If you follow my Facebook Page, you’ll have already seen a sneak peak of these child portraits – the children in question being my own. I have wanted to blog this session for a while. So, I took a break from my client work for a short while to share these with you. I’m not sure how many of you have been watching the Starz series, Outlander. I absolutely love it not only because it features my homeland, but also because it is set during a period of Scottish history that I studied and love. I find the Jacobite Uprisings absolutely fascinating.  Anyway, if you haven’t already gotten hooked on Outlander, I highly recommend you check it out!

While watching the series, I was inspired to do an Outlander themed photo session with my boys. It was all quite simple really – they already had the kilts, the sporrans and the ghillie shirts. All I needed was a castle. Now, were we living in Scotland (or England it could be argued), all that would be required would be a quick trip in the car up the A82. My choice of castles would be awaiting.  However, we do not live in Scotland; we live in New Hampshire. Not one to let little details like that deter me, I performed an Internet search for New Hampshire Castles. I was already aware of Searles Castle, which is very close by in Windham, NH. My husband and I had considered it as our wedding venue. Searles wasn’t quite what I was looking for, though.

Next up for consideration was Winnekini Castle and I had pretty much settled on that. When mentioning my photo shoot plans in passing to my SOPHA friends just before a maternity studio shoot, they suggested Bancroft Castle in Groton, MA. This is just a small hike from Gibbet Hill Restaurant and well worth the trip.

Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | window | Bancroft Castle | Groton MA | Abandoned Castle | Fleur Foto Photography When we reached the top of the hill, I was delighted to see the ruins of the castle. While they are not quite like Scottish castle ruins, they were going to fit the bill nicely. My sons are well-versed in being photographer’s kids. With little direction and plenty of ideas for poses of their own, I started to capture some fantastic shots of them in this great location.
Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Bancroft Castle | Groton MA | Fleur Foto Photography We belong to Clan Anderson – that comes from my grandmother on my father’s side. My mother is from Clan Melville. My brother was given Melville as a middle name, so he wears that tartan. I was given Anderson as a middle name, as were my sons, and thus we wear the Anderson tartan. The Anderson tartan is unique among all Scottish tartans in that it contains seven colors – all other Scottish tartans contain six or less. I happen to love it!
Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Bagpipes | Bancroft Castle | Groton MA | Abandoned Castle | Fleur Foto Photography The boys had fun pretending that this had been their ancestral home and that they were the Laird’s children. I remembered what fun I had had as a child exploring lots of ruined castles in the Scottish countryside. It was nice to see my boys being able to do the same here. While my mind was on capturing great child portraits of them, their minds were on climbing and jumping and checking out the ruins.
Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Abandoned Castle | Fleur Foto Photography The fireplace in what would have been the main hall was huge! As you can see, the boys could easily stand inside. You can also see where the second floor would be.
Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Ruined Castle Window | Fleur Foto Photography My older son is quite the monkey and loves to climb – he got right up in this window and called down to me to take his photo – I happen to love this series of shots.
Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Castle Ruins | Window Frame | Fleur Foto Photography On the inside of that same window, I captured these shots – it was quite high up in the air and I had to put aside my mummy anxiety and trust they would be ok.
Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Castle Ruins | Window | Abandoned Castle | Bancroft's Castle | Fleur Foto Photography Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Ghillie Shirt | Abandoned Castle | Fleur Foto Photography There are so many little nooks and crannies for great shots here – I could have shot in this location for ages. However, a setting sun, the arrival of the bugs, and two hungry boys all meant that we needed to bring things to a close soon.
Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Bagpipes | Bancroft Castle | Groton MA | Abandoned Castle | Fleur Foto Photography Not before we had some fun with the bagpipes though! I mean, what Scottish themed photo shoot would be complete without them?
Child Portraits | Outlander | Ghillie Short| Bancroft's Castle | Fleur Foto Photography Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Bancroft Castle |Groton MA | Fleur Foto PhotographyCan you imagine this setting to be the Scottish Highlands?

Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Ghillie kilt shirt | Abandoned Castle | Fleur Foto Photography

Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Sporran | Bancroft's Castle | Fleur Foto Photography

Child Portraits | Outlander | Scottish Kilts | Sunset| Green Field| Fleur Foto Photography

This was the last shot of the evening with the sun getting low in the sky. We thoroughly enjoyed our frolic at Bancroft Castle and I hope you enjoyed seeing the images I was able to capture.

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As the saying goes, the cobbler’s children have no shoes, however, this photographer’s children have had their Christmas portraits taken…..and of course, my youngest son lost a tooth last week.  Just the thing I was hoping would NOT happen prior to their session.  I made sure I got their portraits done early this year so I could take advantage of these fantastic sales.

So why not get those holiday cards ordered and that item off your to-do list, with the great satisfaction of getting a great price in the process!

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Good genes and good times – family portrait session

This summer was a little different for our family.  My husband is fortunate enough to work with a company that gives its employees an 8 week sabbatical every set number of years of employment.  We took full advantage of that this summer and packed our time with lots of trips and experiences for us to enjoy as a family.  One of those was to rent a beach-front house in Rye, NH.

Both my husband and I love this area of New Hampshire and this town.  The house was just minutes’ walk from a lovely state beach, and right on the shoreline.  It was a perfect spot to just relax, listen to the waves and watch the sunrise from our bedroom window.  Since the house happened to have three bedrooms, we  invited my mum to join us from Scotland for the two weeks.  My boys had a lovely time just being with grandma and I think she had a nice time just taking walks along the coastline and reading books on her kindle on the deck in the sun.

I loved us all having time together and was even able to get some lovely shots of my mum in this impromptu family portrait session.

Family portrait session at Rye NH shoreline by Fleur Foto Photography

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A time for launch and re-launch


I was recently honored to be asked to photographically represent my friend Karen’s new organic skincare company Hanu Skincare.  Karen needed everything from stock photos for her many upcoming blog posts, head shots and, she also asked me to come along to both support and photograph her company’s launch party at Karma in Newton, MA.

We had a blast posing around for the head shots and getting the exact shots Karen would need for her blog.  During this process, it was so very apparent the care and the dedication that has gone into the products and the company’s mission.  All the ingredients are 100% organic, with an emphasis on no “fragrance.”  To learn more about the products and ingredients, please read Karen’s blog post on Conscious Cosmetics.

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