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As one school year is coming to a close, it will be but a few short, fun and sun-filled weeks before the next begins.  For many, it will be their very last year of high school.  With that, they will be turning their thoughts to the future.  They will have to decide what course of study they will undertake and at what college.  It can be a very stressful year with all these decisions and study hours.  What needn’t be a stressful decision, though, is your senior pictures.  Fleur Foto Photography is here to ensure your high school senior portrait session is full of fun and stress-free!  When you choose Fleur Foto Photography for your high school senior photos, one of the very first things we do together is talk about senior picture ideas.

What do I wear for my Senior Picture?

The most common question I get asked when my seniors are planning their session is “what should I wear?”  There are so many clothing options available and it is important that your clothing choices reflect who you are and your personality.  I consult with all my clients before our sessions, not just the seniors, providing inspiration boards and examples of outfits that will look good in front of the camera.  You will most likely already have these items, or similar in your wardrobe, so don’t worry that you need to embark on a big shopping spree…..that is unless you were looking for an excuse to do just that.  🙂 There are some golden rules to follow, though:

  • Avoid logo clothing or clothing with writing on it.  You don’t want to wear anything that is going to instantly date you.  Can anyone say parachute pants?  And thinking of parachute pants, I know the 80s style is back in fashion, but neon colors should be something you choose NOT to feature in your senior pictures.
  • Choose an outfit that you LOVE and you LOVE WEARING!  It should be something you know is comfortable to wear and you feel comfortable wearing it.  You don’t want to spend your session itching and pulling at an ill-fitting outfit or wear something with scratchy material.  Your discomfort will show in your pictures and that’s the opposite of what we want!
  • Once you have your base outfit (or outfits – two or three in a session make for fantastic variety!), remember to style from head to toe – that means hats, scarves, jewelry, and shoes!  Layers are great and provide good visual interest.
  • Do you play a sport, or are a member of the high school band?  During our pre-shoot consultation, we will discuss this and can include sports items or musical instruments in the session.  What’s important is that these pictures reflect you right now – who you are and your interests.
  • Incorporate special items into your pictures.  For this Windham High School Senior, elephants had special meaning to her, so we made sure she incorporated her elephant necklace into her outfit.
    Senior Picture | Windham High School Senior portrait session | Fleur Foto Photography

Here are some Senior picture ideas for outfits for your session.  These outfits would work in all kinds of locations – at the apple orchard, in a field of wheat, or in an edgier urban environment.  Whatever the feel you want for your session, we will make it happen and will knock it out of the park!

Senior Picture | Senior Girls' Outfit Inspiration Patterned dress| Fleur Foto Photography | Senior Picture Ideas

Senior picture outfit ideas | Jean jacket, blouse and leggings | Fleur Foto Photography| Senior Picture Ideas

Senior picture outfit ideas | patterned dress & sandals | Fleur Foto Photography| Senior Picture Ideas

Senior picture outfit ideas | Tulle skirt and bra top | Fleur Foto Photography | Senior Picture Ideas

Senior Picture outfit ideas | Strappy blouse and shorts | Fleur Foto Photography | Senior Picture Ideas

It’s not only girls who have their senior pictures taken, we also love working with boys and creating unique sessions to commemorate their final year of school.  Check them both out and you will see how unique we can make your session.

For more information about High School Senior Portraits, please contact Laura Bower here or call on 978-571-6280. Laura  is a high school senior photographer based in Londonderry, NH covering Southern NH and Northern MA, including Hudson, Windham, Derry, Nashua, Hollis NH and Groton, MA.



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  1. China
    China says:

    Londonderry is so lucky to have such a wonderful photog in their area! A yearbook filled wit your shots will be a wonderful momento!

  2. Danka
    Danka says:

    My daughter loves all the tips and advice you wrote here. We’re definitely booking you for her Londonderry Senior Portraits!

  3. Jackie Dempsie
    Jackie Dempsie says:

    I’ve blog stalked you for a while – Love your work! Great tips for seniors looking to get their portraits taken. I look forward to hiring you as our senior portrait photographer!

  4. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    Fantastic outfits! I think I will be doing a little shopping myself with these pairings! Great tips from an amazing NH Senior Photographer!


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