Ballet dancer en pointe | group shot on love seat | Fleur Foto Photography

Dancer Portraits

Ever since I began my studio journey I knew I wanted to get a group of ballet dancers into the studio for dancer portraits. I had a vision in my head for these portraits and I am really pleased with the results.

I started dance when I was three years old. From that time, being a dancer has been a part of my life, with small breaks here and there to have children and when my schedule conflicted with classes.

Right now is recital season with every spare moment for these dancers spent in rehearsals and extra classes to perfect their routines. After much planning, we settled on a date and time the girls could make it to the studio. Thus ensued a very fun packed 2 hours of photography and ballet.

Ballet pointe dancer | dramatic black and white | Fleur Foto Photography

I knew I wanted to use a variety of lighting techniques to really highlight the talents and the amazing feats that dancers can perform. These are a couple of my favorite dramatically lit images that we created.

Ballet dancer en point | burgundy top and skirt | Fleur Foto Photography

Ballet takes technique. It takes creativity and emotion. It also takes amazing strength and flexibility.

Ballet Pointe Dancer | Black and White | Fleur Foto Photography

I remember when I got my first pair of pointe shoes. It’s the moment every young ballet dancer dreams of and awaits with anticipation. It’s also the moment of harsh reality when you learn that not only are these shoes incredibly uncomfortable, they hurt like…..well, you know! I often joked that if you ever wanted to torture someone to get them to tell their secrets, just put them in pointe shoes and make them stand in them for a few minutes. You very quickly learn that although those dancers on the stage that make it look so incredibly easy, beautiful and smooth, it is anything but!

Ballet Dancer en pointe | Black and white studio portraits | Fleur Foto Photography

When I moved to the US and began taking classes here at my studio of choice – Ellens School of Dance – I was introduced to the world of gel toe inserts.  What?!?!  Where had these things been all my life? I had previously danced with nothing but a little lamb’s wool packed at the toe of my pointe shoes; a token gesture at comfort that provided anything but that! These inserts made it feel like I was dancing on air by comparison.

Ballet dance en pointe | Black and white duet | Fleur Foto Photography

Still, gel inserts or none, ballet continues to have that pull for me and will always be a big love of mine. So much so, that this summer I will begin teaching speciality classes in the method I trained in the UK – Royal Academy of Dance. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to pass along my love of ballet to a younger generation and see these girls develop and flourish.

Ballet dancer | en pointe arabesque | Fleur Foto Photography

I think you will agree that these ladies are insanely talented and amazingly beautiful and graceful.

ballet dancer studio portraits | dancer en pointe | Fleur Foto Photography

Whether or not dance becomes their livelihood or like me, remains as a passion throughout their lives, the friendships made, the bloody toes, the sweat and the euphoria of performance will remain with them forever.

Ballet Dancer en pointe | Black and white backlit | Fleur Foto Photography

Ballet dancer en pointe | group shot on love seat | Fleur Foto Photography

Once a dancer, always a dancer!

Thank you ladies for making these images some of the best I have ever created.

If you are interested in dance portraits, contact Laura here or call (978) 571-6280.  Laura is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Londonderry, serving Southern NH and Northern MA, including Groton, Hollis, Nashua, Billerica and Windham.

Studio Portraits | Urban Window | Fleur Foto Photography

Studio Portraits – Londonderry Photographer

I am a firm believer that you are always learning, no matter at what stage of life you may be.  I also believe that if you are serious about something, you should educate yourself on that subject as much as possible.  With this is in mind, and with a desire to be able to offer more options to my clients, I recently joined The Studio of Photographic Arts or SOPHA as it’s more commonly known.  Not only does this give me the ability to offer studio portraits to my clients (great news for those more chilly months of the year when location shooting may not be at the top of your list), but it offers great opportunities to further my photographic knowledge, and also to join a great community of local photographers.  In short, it’s good news for you, my client!

My first order of business was to take the Studio Lighting class!  As a formerly solely natural light photographer, while I had previously used lighting equipment, I wasn’t 100% comfortable and knew there was a lot more I could learn.  Bud Thorpe, who runs SOPHA, was the class instructor and I can’t praise him or this class highly enough.  Once the basics of the equipment were covered, it was then onto shooting different lighting scenarios.  There was such variety and it was great fun working with the rest of the students.  The basic premise was we had to recreate poses taken from fashion magazines.

Studio Portrait | female sitting or leaning against chair | Fleur Foto Photography

All at once, we had to take the technical knowledge we had learned from the earlier part of the day and put it into practice, AND produce some quite dramatic images.  The model for the class was Brianna White of Side B Modelling who not only was great at recreating the poses in our assignments,  but she was fun to work with and very patient with us students.

Studio portrait against red background | stripe shirt and jeans | Fleur Foto Photography

It was really eye-opening to see the possibilities that strobe lighting offered and to learn exactly how to achieve different looks for images.  There was so much knowledge and hands-on practice crammed into this class, that I really felt well prepared to step out of my natural lighting comfort zone and into the studio with the tools and know-how I would need.

Studio portrait | green blouse | necklace | Fleur Foto Photography

I really do love the images that were created and the fact that I can quickly look at these and know how many lights were used and how they were set up to achieve the results.

Studio Portrait with strobe lighting of female in blue dress and black hat by Londonderry Photographer, Fleur Foto Photography

This above series is so Audrey Hepburn to me – this was the part of the day where things became more free-form and we were producing our own images with poses conjured by Brianna.

Studio portrait | back lighting silhouette | Fleur Foto Photography

Backlighting may be my favorite technique now.  While we were shooting, I got the idea that it would be fun to have the dress fly up.  Without hesitation, Brianna went for the scissors and cut a slit right up the front of her dress!  The effect was definitely worth the dress sacrifice!

Studio Photos with natural light at window by Londonderry photographer Fleur Foto Photography

Being in a studio doesn’t necessarily mean that you are limited to strobe lighting.  We pulled back the curtains on a large bank of mill windows that not only provided lovely soft light, but a very cool aspect to the shots.

I’ve already been back into the studio as those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram will have already seen my ballet dancer series that I shot.  I am very pleased to offer my clients more options for their sessions with me and look forward to seeing you in the studio!

Book your studio session with Laura by submitting a Session Inquiry form or by calling (978) 571-6280.  Laura is a portrait and lifestyle photographer in Londonderry, NH covering Southern NH and Northern MA.  Laura specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Child, Family and Senior sessions.

Maternity Photos with mom wearing plum roxy gown from Sew Trendy Accessories with heart shape in flying train at Londonderry Mack's Apples | Fleur Foto Photography

Londonderry Maternity Photos

I cannot quite put into words how excited I was to capture this adorable Londonderry family for their maternity photos.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of planning their maternity photos and getting to know Erin and Brendan, and their gorgeous daughter, Arianna. When we first met to discuss exactly what they were looking for from this maternity session, I immediately fell in love with this family and we instantly clicked! Erin and I had fun picking out her outfits for the session, which as you will agree, were stunning on her. We went into small details like choosing a complimentary headpiece that would work with both dress choices, arranging hair and makeup services for her in her home and also a gorgeous wildflower bouquet from Harrington Flowers of Londonderry.

When it came to choosing the location for their maternity photos, Erin and Brendan had no hesitation in asking for Mack’s Apples here in Londonderry; specifically during apple blossom season. Erin explained that they chose this location as they spend a lot of time here as a family hiking the orchards and walking their dogs. They have 5 of their own dogs, not including the many puppies that are at their home at any one time during puppy breeding season. They love to go there, apple or pumpkin picking, or to enjoy the ice cream and local products at the store. Mack’s is a very important feature in Londonderry and especially to this family. Well, how could we choose anywhere else?

Maternity Photos | Heart shape in flying train | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

When I first saw the image above that we had captured, I literally gasped out loud! How appropriate for a photo session that is all about love to capture a heart shape in the flying train of Erin’s dress. I immediately thought of this quote:

Before you were born I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrived in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart – Mandy Harrison

Maternity Photos | Family shots in Apple Blossom | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apples Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

Erin was spot on with her choice of dress for her sweet 8-year-old Arianna. The purple and plum hues perfectly complimented Erin’s feature dress, and she even managed to find a matching tie and complimentary shirt for Brendan. This lady has an eye for wardrobe design! Arianna also had her own headpiece which made her look just like a princess. She was a pro at being in front of the camera and thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Maternity Photos | Child sitting in apple tree | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

Maternity Photos | Mom and daughter | Mother & Father | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

We made sure we captured some shots with just Arianna and her mom, and just Erin and Brendan. Wow – these two! Engaged at the Top of the Hub restaurant in Boston and married at Andover Country Club, what a fairy tale romance! The excitement over and love for, this new little girl is palpable. I am reliably informed that she will also have a name beginning with the letter ‘A’, but more than that won’t be revealed until she makes her grand entrance this summer. Yes, I am also desperately looking forward to capturing their lifestyle newborn session in their home once they are settled.

Maternity Photos | Plum Roxy Gown Sew Trendy Accessories | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

This family makes sure they spend lots of their free time together as a family. One of their favorite things to do is to vacation in Northern NH together, enjoying all that our fabulous state has to offer, including walking trips and camping!

Capturing this special time of pregnancy was important to the family. It is a time to celebrate their growing family and their new little miracle in the making.Maternity Photos | Roxy Gown Sew Trendy Accessories | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

Some of their family time is spent in maintaining their home and yard and in spending a lot of time outdoors with their doggies. When they get an opportunity, Erin and Brendan love to try new restaurants in our area.

Once we had captured family photos, we sent Brendan and Arianna off home, and I concentrated on capturing Erin’s glowing beauty. She was a natural in front of the camera, and you could just see her joy at being a mother for the second time.

Maternity Photos | Face Close Up | Apple Orchard | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

Our session was planned for two outfits for Erin, so a quick change in my pop-up tent and we had a completely new look to capture. I love the variety this will give Erin and Brendan for their final images when it comes to choosing their final products.

Maternity Photos | Wildflower Bouquet & Champagne Dress | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

As you can see, we moved locations within Mack’s for this new outfit. A good photographer will be able to give you multiple looks to your images without having to move you too far from location to location.

Maternity Photos | Wildflower Bouquet | Champagne Dress | Posing Trees and Pond | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

Maternity Photos | Looking at belly | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

Maternity Photos | Pond Background | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

That bump! So perfect and so perfectly protecting its precious cargo!
Maternity Photos | Hands on head | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto Photography

As the sun got lower in the sky, we got that perfect quality of light that natural light photographers lust over. At this point, we captured some amazing and special images. I think this image above may be my favorite from the entire session – even over that amazing heart image. To me, this is raw beauty. A quiet confidence that comes only from being completely at one with yourself.Maternity Photos | Wildflower Bouquet and Apple Tree | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Apple Blossom Maternity Photos | Fleur Foto PhotographyThose last few seconds before the sun completely sets are just the loveliest in which to capture your shots. I simply couldn’t put the camera down, making the most of the disappearing light. As the sun set, the sky was an amazing color. This brought to a close this session, but this is only the first chapter in baby “A’s” story. Come back soon to see her newborn images shortly following her birth.

Maternity Photos | Sunset Silhoette Maternity Photo | Londonderry Mack's Apples | Fleur Foto Photography

Erin and Brendan are local to Londonderry and also have their own business breeding Labradoodles – check them out at their website and on Facebook for details on their new puppy litters.

Vendor list:

Plum dress – The Roxy by Sew Trendy Accessories

Hair and Makeup by Lydia Acheson

Erin’s headpiece – Crafty Flowers – Ebay

Wildflower bouquet – Harrington Flowers

Arianna’s Dress – Kids Dream on

For more information about Maternity Photos, please contact Laura Bower here or call (978) 571-6280.  Laura is a Londonderry-based Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer covering Southern NH and Northern MA, including Derry, Windham, Nashua, Hollis, NH and Gorton and Brookline, MA.  Laura specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Kids, and Family portraits.

Windham High School Senior Portrait session at Mack's Apples Londonderry NH, posed at pond and shot by local Londonderry photographer Fleur Foto Photography

Top 5 Senior Portrait Tips

Juniors!  It’s time to start planning and researching photographers for your senior portraits!  Well wait a minute, you think.  Here I am, about to end my junior year in the final stretch before the lazy days of summer are upon us.  I haven’t even thought about Senior Portraits!  Some of your friends may have already had their senior photos taken.  Others, like you perhaps, haven’t even begun to think about what they want for their senior shots.  There is no right or wrong time to have your pictures taken (well, I guess after the yearbook submission deadline might be a wrong time.)  Largely, the time of your booking will depend on the look want – a particular season or perhaps the session will be worked around your schedule.

One thing that’s for certain, though, it’s never too early to book your session.

To help you think about the process and what you might want from your pictures, I’ve put together a top 5 Senior Portrait tip list to help you.

Top 5 Senior Portrait Tips

1.  Book your session early

The number one rule is at least one full month before your yearbook deadline.  Once you have that date in mind, you can work backward and think about the kind of look you want for your session.  Do you want the pretty NH fall leaves in the background (September), or is it a summer beach look that takes your fancy (July – September)?  If you want those Spring blossoms in the background – pick up the phone NOW and call me!  If no particular season or location suits you, Fleur Foto Photography also offers a great studio experience!  Some seasons, particularly the Fall, are extremely busy for photographers, so don’t delay in getting your session booked to secure your slot.

2. Work with your photographer on wardrobe choices

One thing that is very true of today’s teenagers is that you all have a very clear style and if you’re anything like me, you have a wardrobe that is bursting at the seams.  This makes for great options for your senior portraits and we will have time for a couple of outfit changes in our session.  If we are on location, I have a handy pop-up tent for discrete changing.  The studio has it’s own private changing area.  I love helping my seniors pull their looks together for their session.  At our pre-shoot consultation, we can even go through your wardrobe and pull some looks together!  To help guide you in the meantime, I have Pinterest boards that I share with you and have also written a couple of blog posts for girls and boys with outfit ideas.

3. Is your time to shine – bring your personality! Props! Band Instruments! Sports Equipment!

A Fleur Foto Photography senior portrait session is FUN!  When you are having fun, you are relaxed and comfortable and this makes for the best images.  Whatever your personality, be you the high school track team star, marching band member, or the quiet avid reader, we will ensure that your session completely and accurately reflects who YOU are and YOUR personality!  Your session will be completely centered around you and your interests to showcase the person you are in this moment.  We will incorporate your interests and pastimes into your session through the skillful use of props to tell your story.

Top 5 Senior Portrait Tips | Windham High School girls senior portrait session in black and white shot at Mack's Apples Londonderry, NH by local Londonderry Photographer Fleur Foto Photography | Senior Portraits

4. Trust your photographer to pose you correctly

How should I stand?  What do I do with my arms and my hands?  A skillful photographer knows how to correctly pose you to achieve fantastic shots. There may be a few suggestions that feel funny at the time, but a quick flash of the back of my camera and you will see the results are spectacular! The important thing is you are comfortable with your photographer and trust their direction.  Not used to being in front of the camera?  Don’t worry.  Your senior portrait session is a fun experience.  We will spend our time chatting and laughing while creating fantastic shots.  You won’t even notice the time passing.

5. Share any concerns with your photographer

Do you have a best side?  Do you have a feature that makes you uncomfortable?  Blemishes got you down?  Don’t worry!  Speak with us before you session and be open about your concerns.  Chances are we have tools in our arsenal that will quickly take care of those, or we can pose you to enhance your best assets!  Working with Fleur Foto on your senior portraits is a partnership with showing only your best as our goal.

Top 5 Senior Portrait Tips | Boys high school senior portrait session for Nashua North High School by Fleur Foto Photography

BONUS TIP: Remember, these are all just suggestions.  Above all, be yourself & have fun!  Follow this advice, and your senior picture session will be an event to remember!

For more information about High School Senior Portraits, please contact Laura Bower here or call on 978-571-6280. Laura  is a high school senior photographer based in Londonderry, NH covering Southern NH and Northern MA, including Hudson, Windham, Derry, Nashua, Hollis NH and Groton, MA.

What to wear for boys senior portrait session | white button down shirt with jeans | Fleur Foto Photography

What to wear | boys senior portraits

It’s not just the girls who have a hard time deciding what to wear for their senior pictures.  Boys have so many great fashion choices these days and are just as concerned as the girls with looking stylish in their shots.  Boys generally are taking much more time with their appearance and you all have your own style.  Working from a solid foundation, there are simple ways for my NH senior boys to rock their shots.

  • Again the same golden rules apply as I outlined in my what to wear advice for girls.
  • I know you already have your personal style, so in our pre-shoot consultation, we’ll discuss what that is and find ways to ensure you are comfortable and well put together for your shots.
  • One outfit? Two?  Whatever you choose.  Even though I provide a pop-up tent for quick changing on location, it is still possible to create different looks without having to change clothes.  Layers and jackets can totally change the look of an outfit.
  • Accessories!  It’s not only the girls who can spruce up their look with the addition of these.  Incorporating hats, belts, sunglasses and watches all help add visual interest and provide different end looks for your photographs.
  • Let’s showcase your personality and interests – do you play on the sports team?  What about play in the school a band?  Adding a few shots to reflect these interests and time in your life is an important aspect of your senior pictures.  Likewise, we can choose a location that incorporates your interests.
  • “But I have no idea how to pose!” Don’t worry – we know exactly how to pose you for best results in your shots!  Whatever the feel you are going for – edgy, confident, silently smouldering…..ok, maybe mom won’t want that one, but the ladies will….we’ve got you covered!

One thing that’s guaranteed is that you no longer will need to stress over what to wear with our guidance, and we will capture some truly unique images for you.

What to wear | Boy high school senior portrait session by Fleur Foto Photography

Boys – What to wear inspiration guide

What to wear for boys senior portrait session | button down shirt pants and jacket | Fleur Foto Photography

What to wear for boys senior portrait session | white button down and jeans | Fleur Foto Photography

What to wear for boys senior portrait session | ringer t-shirt and jeans | Fleur Foto Photography

What to wear for boys senior portrait session | button down shirt and shorts | Fleur Foto Photography

For more information about High School Senior Portraits, please contact Laura Bower here or call on 978-571-6280. Laura  is a high school senior photographer based in Londonderry, NH covering Southern NH and Northern MA, including Hudson, Windham, Derry, Nashua, Hollis NH and Groton, MA.