Dancer Portraits

Ever since I began my studio journey I knew I wanted to get a group of ballet dancers into the studio for dancer portraits. I had a vision in my head for these portraits and I am really pleased with the results.

I started dance when I was three years old. From that time, being a dancer has been a part of my life, with small breaks here and there to have children and when my schedule conflicted with classes.

Right now is recital season with every spare moment for these dancers spent in rehearsals and extra classes to perfect their routines. After much planning, we settled on a date and time the girls could make it to the studio. Thus ensued a very fun packed 2 hours of photography and ballet.

Ballet pointe dancer | dramatic black and white | Fleur Foto Photography

I knew I wanted to use a variety of lighting techniques to really highlight the talents and the amazing feats that dancers can perform. These are a couple of my favorite dramatically lit images that we created.

Ballet dancer en point | burgundy top and skirt | Fleur Foto Photography

Ballet takes technique. It takes creativity and emotion. It also takes amazing strength and flexibility.

Ballet Pointe Dancer | Black and White | Fleur Foto Photography

I remember when I got my first pair of pointe shoes. It’s the moment every young ballet dancer dreams of and awaits with anticipation. It’s also the moment of harsh reality when you learn that not only are these shoes incredibly uncomfortable, they hurt like…..well, you know! I often joked that if you ever wanted to torture someone to get them to tell their secrets, just put them in pointe shoes and make them stand in them for a few minutes. You very quickly learn that although those dancers on the stage that make it look so incredibly easy, beautiful and smooth, it is anything but!

Ballet Dancer en pointe | Black and white studio portraits | Fleur Foto Photography

When I moved to the US and began taking classes here at my studio of choice – Ellens School of Dance – I was introduced to the world of gel toe inserts.  What?!?!  Where had these things been all my life? I had previously danced with nothing but a little lamb’s wool packed at the toe of my pointe shoes; a token gesture at comfort that provided anything but that! These inserts made it feel like I was dancing on air by comparison.

Ballet dance en pointe | Black and white duet | Fleur Foto Photography

Still, gel inserts or none, ballet continues to have that pull for me and will always be a big love of mine. So much so, that this summer I will begin teaching speciality classes in the method I trained in the UK – Royal Academy of Dance. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to pass along my love of ballet to a younger generation and see these girls develop and flourish.

Ballet dancer | en pointe arabesque | Fleur Foto Photography

I think you will agree that these ladies are insanely talented and amazingly beautiful and graceful.

ballet dancer studio portraits | dancer en pointe | Fleur Foto Photography

Whether or not dance becomes their livelihood or like me, remains as a passion throughout their lives, the friendships made, the bloody toes, the sweat and the euphoria of performance will remain with them forever.

Ballet Dancer en pointe | Black and white backlit | Fleur Foto Photography

Ballet dancer en pointe | group shot on love seat | Fleur Foto Photography

Once a dancer, always a dancer!

Thank you ladies for making these images some of the best I have ever created.

If you are interested in dance portraits, contact Laura here or call (978) 571-6280.  Laura is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Londonderry, serving Southern NH and Northern MA, including Groton, Hollis, Nashua, Billerica and Windham.



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