Husband and wife family portrait in flowering gardens of Beaverbrook Association Hollis NH | Fall Limited Edition Session | Fleur Foto Photography - Londonderry photographer

Fall Limited Edition Session | Family Portraits

I am taking a quick break from editing sessions to blog a great Fall Limited Edition Session from last year. The setting for these Fall family portraits was the gorgeous Beaverbrook Association in Hollis NH. If you’ve never been to Beaverbrook, I highly recommend it at any time of the year. There are so many great trails to walk and wonderful wildlife to see and experience.  Back to this session!  I held a series of Fall Limited Edition Session family portraits in the Fall of last year. These were mini-versions of my sessions with a special package and pricing and boy were they a huge success! Fall is such a popular time for photography. The lovely changing colors of the trees in New England provide the most perfect backdrop. Of course, the upcoming holiday season is always a great excuse to update your family portraits.

This particular family had been in need of an update on their family portraits for a while. It had been 13 years since they had their family portraits taken (since Matthew was a baby!).

Fall Family Portraits | Fall Limited Edition Session | Beaverbrook Association | Fleur Foto Photography | Garden Setting Family Portraits

You wouldn’t have known that they weren’t used to being in front of the camera, though.  They were so natural and you could plainly see that they were a fun-filled family.

Husband and wife family portrait in flowering gardens of Beaverbrook Association Hollis NH | Fall Limited Edition Session | Fleur Foto Photography - Londonderry photographer

A portrait session with Fleur Foto Photography is always a fun time and I think you can see that this family had a blast!  I love getting to know my clients well so that I can ensure that their session is a perfect reflection of who they are.  With a shorter timeframe of a Fall Limited Edition Session, that could have posed a challenge.  However, that was definitely not a problem.  I immediately clicked with this family and got to know them really well during our short time together.

Boy poses on wooden fence | parents in background | Garden setting | Beaverbrook Association Hollis NH | Fall Limited Edition Session | Fleur Foto Photography

Michelle used to be a hockey player and was quite accomplished at the sport. I have subsequently seen photos of her playing years!  She now owns horses which she keeps on her property. Her husband, Andrew, is from England, so being a Brit myself, we immediately hit it off and shared stories and experience of the ex-pat life.

Boy poses on wooden fence | boy sitting on stone wall | Garden setting | Beaverbrook Association Hollis NH | Fall Limited Edition Session | Fleur Foto Photography

Matthew is a hockey player and has just finished his first year at the Bantam level for the Southern NH Cavaliers.  He is also a competitive gymnast at Gym Village of Amherst, NH where is a level 6 gymnast.  Yes, he could also pursue a career in modeling, as you can see.

Family walks on dirt road at Beaverbrook Association for Fall Limited Edition Session Portraits with Fleur Foto Photography

Our session was so much fun, none of us wanted it to end. I am so pleased that this family now has updated portraits and wall art from this session in their family room. I look forward to the opportunity to capturing them again soon!


Laura is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Londonderry, NH. Laura specializes in maternity, newborn, child, family, high school seniors and dance photography. Offering both studio and on location sessions, Laura covers both MA and NH including Londonderry, Windham, Nashua, Hollis, Bedford, Brookline and Groton. For more information on availability, please contact Laura Bower here or (978) 571-6280.  Fall Limited Edition Session will be offered again for the Fall 2017.  Look out for details on my Facebook Page on how to book.

Things to do | Londonderry, NH | Lifestyle Photography

Summer school vacation is days away which may mean that you are thinking of things to do with your family around Londonderry. I thought I would help you guys out with your planning by featuring some of the spots my family enjoys during the warmer weather and lazy days. First up, Mel’s Funway Park in Litchfield, the next town over from Londonderry.

Things to do | Londonderry | Mel's Funway | mini-golf | Fleur Foto Photography

Towards the end of each school year, Londonderry North School PTA organizes a Mother/Son outing at Mel’s which is a great afternoon/evening event. We get the fun pack of tickets which gives us the opportunity to try all of the attractions there. Boy are there a lot of attractions – we usually don’t get through all of them in one evening, which necessitates at least one other visit. My family doesn’t complain!

Things to Do | Londonderry | Batting cages | Fleur Foto Photograpy

First up on the agenda is usually the batting cages. Now, neither of my boys play on a baseball team, but they LOVE the batting cages. There’s a funny story about that actually which stems from my complete and utter British ignorance of baseball. The first year we attended this PTA event, it was just me and my older son. It was both his and my first time at the batting cages. We exchanged our ticket for tokens and a bat and headed to the cages. We were thrilled that the first cage we got to had no waiting line. He put on his helmet, hopped in and deposited his tokens. He was immediately bombarded by what could only be accurately described as bullet-speed baseballs. To his credit, I do recall he managed to hit a couple of them. It was only the NEXT time we visited the park that I noticed that this was the 85 mph cage and the big warning sign on the cage door. Yup – parenting fail right there!

Things to do | Londonderry | Batting Cages Helmets | Fleur Foto Photography

This is my younger son (superman) and his buddy from school. My boys really want to spend this time with their school friends more than hang out with their mother, but I still have a great time taking them here to this event.

Things to do | Londonderry | Arcade Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

My boys are just like all the others and they love playing arcade games. Mel’s has a number of games available to play – everything from Skee Ball in the back to driving games. I got a kick out of the snowmobile game that blew wind in your face as you played! Notice the wind swept look my son is sporting.

Things to do | Londonderry | Go Karts | Fleur Foto Photography

From the arcade, it was off to the Go-Kart track. Now, I don’t mean to brag, but I am a mean go-kart driver! I think I gave some of the dads on the course a surprise and a run for their money. Above is my husband and older son leading the pack in their race.

Things to do | Londonderry | Driving Range Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

Around the corner from the restaurant – The Funway Burger – is the driving range. My boys never play golf, but they made some pretty good swings and hits this evening. I am not sure their technique was quite right, but it’s all good fun!

Things to do | Londonderry | Spooky World Hearse | Laser Tag | Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

Across the parking lot, past the Spooky World hearse (Mel’s is the location for Spooky World in September), is the laser building which houses laser tag and a laser maze. The kids get 10 mins in the tag arena and come out with huge smiles and bragging about their high scores.

Things to Do | Londonderry | Mini-golf Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

The final treat of the evening is mini-golf. There are two courses available which snake through some pretty water features and gardens. This mom got three holes-in-one on this visit – a personal best, but I won’t be giving up my day job for golf any time soon! You’ll see my handsome husband above – we made this visit a family affair and not just a Mother/Son treat. This worked well, allowing us to give some one-on-one attention and time with each of our sons.

Once you’ve exhausted yourself and all your fun-pack tickets, what better way to end the visit than a huge ice-cream sundae? Mel’s features Gifford’s Ice-Cream and it’s a delicious treat which elicits smiles from every patron.

Things to do | Londonderry | child eating ice-cream | Fleur Foto Photography

So there you go! The first stop on the “Things to Do around Londonderry” tour. Have you guys been to Mel’s? What are some of your family summer traditions? Share below in the comments, please!

Laura is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Londonderry, serving Southern NH and Northern MA, including Hollis, Groton, Windham, Nashua, Merrimack, and Hudson.  To book your lifestyle or portrait session, get in touch here or call (978) 571-6280.