Maternity Studio Portraits | White Lace Dress | Lying on wood floor | Fleur Foto Photography

Maternity Studio Portraits | Londonderry NH

I am always excited to share with you my recent work, and especially so with these maternity studio portraits.  I am sure you instantly recognize Erin from her on-location maternity session we recently shot at Mack’s Apples in Londonderry.  This time however, Erin wanted to do something a little different and go in the studio.  For this shoot, I suggested a white lace dress that I have in my maternity wardrobe for my clients.  At first, Erin was a little unsure, but she trusted my direction.  When I showed her the back of my camera from our first shot, she immediately relaxed and put herself in my hands.

Maternity Studio Portraits | White Lace Dress | Back Lit | Fleur Foto Photography

If you were to ask Erin about our session, she may describe how I hopped around in glee as each shot was taken.  The vision I had for each shot came together and my excitement levels kept rising (nothing to do with my Starbucks I had downed before the session – I promise!)

Maternity Studio Portraits | White Lace Dress | Fleur Foto Photography

The studio I use – The Studio of Photographic Arts, has many different back-drop options available for use, which means we can create a whole host of varied images.

Maternity Studio Portrait | White Lace Dress | Green backdrop | Fleur Foto Photography

Erin and Brendan’s bedroom walls are green, so we decided that some green back-drop shots would work well for display in that room.

Maternity Studio Portrait | Back-lit | Steel Door | Fleur Foto Photography

There’s even a cool metal backdrop for an edgier look.

Maternity Studio Portraits | Back lit | White Lace Dress | Seated | Fleur Foto Photography

There were so many fabulous maternity studio shots to choose from to share from this session, it was hard to decide which to feature.  Of course, my subject has got to be one of the most beautiful women I have photographed.  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she is equally, if not more, beautiful on the inside too.  I feel very lucky to be photographing her at this stage of her life and to capture her amazing family as it goes from three, to four.

Maternity Studio Portraits | White Lace Dress | Lying on wood floor | Fleur Foto Photography

Erin was up for anything in the studio – we created this cool image with her reflection on the wooden floor.  Can you see it?

Maternity Studio Portrait | White Lace Dress | Back-lit | Fleur Foto Photography

I knew that the photo reveal session for these maternity studio portraits was going to be really special.  For a taste of what your session with Fleur Foto Photography would be like, check out my Facebook Page to see the movie created from these images.

Maternity Studio Portraits | Rustic Wood Wall | White Lace Dress | Fleur Foto Photography

It’s so hard to choose a favourite image from this session.  I am torn between the one above using the wooden wall back-drop and the following one.  What do you think is the best?

Maternity Studio Portraits | Back lit | White Lace Dress | Fleur Foto Photography

Laura Bower is a Londonderry-based Maternity Studio Photographer, covering Southern NH and Northern MA.  To book your maternity studio or on-location session, call (978) 571-6280 or email  Laura covers the surround area including Windham, Nashua, Groton, Hollis and Hudson.

Things to do | Londonderry, NH | Lifestyle Photography

Summer school vacation is days away which may mean that you are thinking of things to do with your family around Londonderry. I thought I would help you guys out with your planning by featuring some of the spots my family enjoys during the warmer weather and lazy days. First up, Mel’s Funway Park in Litchfield, the next town over from Londonderry.

Things to do | Londonderry | Mel's Funway | mini-golf | Fleur Foto Photography

Towards the end of each school year, Londonderry North School PTA organizes a Mother/Son outing at Mel’s which is a great afternoon/evening event. We get the fun pack of tickets which gives us the opportunity to try all of the attractions there. Boy are there a lot of attractions – we usually don’t get through all of them in one evening, which necessitates at least one other visit. My family doesn’t complain!

Things to Do | Londonderry | Batting cages | Fleur Foto Photograpy

First up on the agenda is usually the batting cages. Now, neither of my boys play on a baseball team, but they LOVE the batting cages. There’s a funny story about that actually which stems from my complete and utter British ignorance of baseball. The first year we attended this PTA event, it was just me and my older son. It was both his and my first time at the batting cages. We exchanged our ticket for tokens and a bat and headed to the cages. We were thrilled that the first cage we got to had no waiting line. He put on his helmet, hopped in and deposited his tokens. He was immediately bombarded by what could only be accurately described as bullet-speed baseballs. To his credit, I do recall he managed to hit a couple of them. It was only the NEXT time we visited the park that I noticed that this was the 85 mph cage and the big warning sign on the cage door. Yup – parenting fail right there!

Things to do | Londonderry | Batting Cages Helmets | Fleur Foto Photography

This is my younger son (superman) and his buddy from school. My boys really want to spend this time with their school friends more than hang out with their mother, but I still have a great time taking them here to this event.

Things to do | Londonderry | Arcade Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

My boys are just like all the others and they love playing arcade games. Mel’s has a number of games available to play – everything from Skee Ball in the back to driving games. I got a kick out of the snowmobile game that blew wind in your face as you played! Notice the wind swept look my son is sporting.

Things to do | Londonderry | Go Karts | Fleur Foto Photography

From the arcade, it was off to the Go-Kart track. Now, I don’t mean to brag, but I am a mean go-kart driver! I think I gave some of the dads on the course a surprise and a run for their money. Above is my husband and older son leading the pack in their race.

Things to do | Londonderry | Driving Range Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

Around the corner from the restaurant – The Funway Burger – is the driving range. My boys never play golf, but they made some pretty good swings and hits this evening. I am not sure their technique was quite right, but it’s all good fun!

Things to do | Londonderry | Spooky World Hearse | Laser Tag | Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

Across the parking lot, past the Spooky World hearse (Mel’s is the location for Spooky World in September), is the laser building which houses laser tag and a laser maze. The kids get 10 mins in the tag arena and come out with huge smiles and bragging about their high scores.

Things to Do | Londonderry | Mini-golf Mel's Funway Park | Fleur Foto Photography

The final treat of the evening is mini-golf. There are two courses available which snake through some pretty water features and gardens. This mom got three holes-in-one on this visit – a personal best, but I won’t be giving up my day job for golf any time soon! You’ll see my handsome husband above – we made this visit a family affair and not just a Mother/Son treat. This worked well, allowing us to give some one-on-one attention and time with each of our sons.

Once you’ve exhausted yourself and all your fun-pack tickets, what better way to end the visit than a huge ice-cream sundae? Mel’s features Gifford’s Ice-Cream and it’s a delicious treat which elicits smiles from every patron.

Things to do | Londonderry | child eating ice-cream | Fleur Foto Photography

So there you go! The first stop on the “Things to Do around Londonderry” tour. Have you guys been to Mel’s? What are some of your family summer traditions? Share below in the comments, please!

Laura is a lifestyle and portrait photographer based in Londonderry, serving Southern NH and Northern MA, including Hollis, Groton, Windham, Nashua, Merrimack, and Hudson.  To book your lifestyle or portrait session, get in touch here or call (978) 571-6280.

Ballet dancer en pointe | group shot on love seat | Fleur Foto Photography

Dancer Portraits

Ever since I began my studio journey I knew I wanted to get a group of ballet dancers into the studio for dancer portraits. I had a vision in my head for these portraits and I am really pleased with the results.

I started dance when I was three years old. From that time, being a dancer has been a part of my life, with small breaks here and there to have children and when my schedule conflicted with classes.

Right now is recital season with every spare moment for these dancers spent in rehearsals and extra classes to perfect their routines. After much planning, we settled on a date and time the girls could make it to the studio. Thus ensued a very fun packed 2 hours of photography and ballet.

Ballet pointe dancer | dramatic black and white | Fleur Foto Photography

I knew I wanted to use a variety of lighting techniques to really highlight the talents and the amazing feats that dancers can perform. These are a couple of my favorite dramatically lit images that we created.

Ballet dancer en point | burgundy top and skirt | Fleur Foto Photography

Ballet takes technique. It takes creativity and emotion. It also takes amazing strength and flexibility.

Ballet Pointe Dancer | Black and White | Fleur Foto Photography

I remember when I got my first pair of pointe shoes. It’s the moment every young ballet dancer dreams of and awaits with anticipation. It’s also the moment of harsh reality when you learn that not only are these shoes incredibly uncomfortable, they hurt like…..well, you know! I often joked that if you ever wanted to torture someone to get them to tell their secrets, just put them in pointe shoes and make them stand in them for a few minutes. You very quickly learn that although those dancers on the stage that make it look so incredibly easy, beautiful and smooth, it is anything but!

Ballet Dancer en pointe | Black and white studio portraits | Fleur Foto Photography

When I moved to the US and began taking classes here at my studio of choice – Ellens School of Dance – I was introduced to the world of gel toe inserts.  What?!?!  Where had these things been all my life? I had previously danced with nothing but a little lamb’s wool packed at the toe of my pointe shoes; a token gesture at comfort that provided anything but that! These inserts made it feel like I was dancing on air by comparison.

Ballet dance en pointe | Black and white duet | Fleur Foto Photography

Still, gel inserts or none, ballet continues to have that pull for me and will always be a big love of mine. So much so, that this summer I will begin teaching speciality classes in the method I trained in the UK – Royal Academy of Dance. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to pass along my love of ballet to a younger generation and see these girls develop and flourish.

Ballet dancer | en pointe arabesque | Fleur Foto Photography

I think you will agree that these ladies are insanely talented and amazingly beautiful and graceful.

ballet dancer studio portraits | dancer en pointe | Fleur Foto Photography

Whether or not dance becomes their livelihood or like me, remains as a passion throughout their lives, the friendships made, the bloody toes, the sweat and the euphoria of performance will remain with them forever.

Ballet Dancer en pointe | Black and white backlit | Fleur Foto Photography

Ballet dancer en pointe | group shot on love seat | Fleur Foto Photography

Once a dancer, always a dancer!

Thank you ladies for making these images some of the best I have ever created.

If you are interested in dance portraits, contact Laura here or call (978) 571-6280.  Laura is a portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Londonderry, serving Southern NH and Northern MA, including Groton, Hollis, Nashua, Billerica and Windham.

Studio Portraits | Urban Window | Fleur Foto Photography

Studio Portraits – Londonderry Photographer

I am a firm believer that you are always learning, no matter at what stage of life you may be.  I also believe that if you are serious about something, you should educate yourself on that subject as much as possible.  With this is in mind, and with a desire to be able to offer more options to my clients, I recently joined The Studio of Photographic Arts or SOPHA as it’s more commonly known.  Not only does this give me the ability to offer studio portraits to my clients (great news for those more chilly months of the year when location shooting may not be at the top of your list), but it offers great opportunities to further my photographic knowledge, and also to join a great community of local photographers.  In short, it’s good news for you, my client!

My first order of business was to take the Studio Lighting class!  As a formerly solely natural light photographer, while I had previously used lighting equipment, I wasn’t 100% comfortable and knew there was a lot more I could learn.  Bud Thorpe, who runs SOPHA, was the class instructor and I can’t praise him or this class highly enough.  Once the basics of the equipment were covered, it was then onto shooting different lighting scenarios.  There was such variety and it was great fun working with the rest of the students.  The basic premise was we had to recreate poses taken from fashion magazines.

Studio Portrait | female sitting or leaning against chair | Fleur Foto Photography

All at once, we had to take the technical knowledge we had learned from the earlier part of the day and put it into practice, AND produce some quite dramatic images.  The model for the class was Brianna White of Side B Modelling who not only was great at recreating the poses in our assignments,  but she was fun to work with and very patient with us students.

Studio portrait against red background | stripe shirt and jeans | Fleur Foto Photography

It was really eye-opening to see the possibilities that strobe lighting offered and to learn exactly how to achieve different looks for images.  There was so much knowledge and hands-on practice crammed into this class, that I really felt well prepared to step out of my natural lighting comfort zone and into the studio with the tools and know-how I would need.

Studio portrait | green blouse | necklace | Fleur Foto Photography

I really do love the images that were created and the fact that I can quickly look at these and know how many lights were used and how they were set up to achieve the results.

Studio Portrait with strobe lighting of female in blue dress and black hat by Londonderry Photographer, Fleur Foto Photography

This above series is so Audrey Hepburn to me – this was the part of the day where things became more free-form and we were producing our own images with poses conjured by Brianna.

Studio portrait | back lighting silhouette | Fleur Foto Photography

Backlighting may be my favorite technique now.  While we were shooting, I got the idea that it would be fun to have the dress fly up.  Without hesitation, Brianna went for the scissors and cut a slit right up the front of her dress!  The effect was definitely worth the dress sacrifice!

Studio Photos with natural light at window by Londonderry photographer Fleur Foto Photography

Being in a studio doesn’t necessarily mean that you are limited to strobe lighting.  We pulled back the curtains on a large bank of mill windows that not only provided lovely soft light, but a very cool aspect to the shots.

I’ve already been back into the studio as those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram will have already seen my ballet dancer series that I shot.  I am very pleased to offer my clients more options for their sessions with me and look forward to seeing you in the studio!

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